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#55 The beautiful dead


I have been waiting for this book for ages. I’ve already waxed lyrical about Belinda Bauer’s other books, particularly the fabulous Rubbernecker and the Exmoor Trilogy. Needless to say, as soon as it popped up on the catalogue my name was on the list. The Beautiful Deada standalone psychological thriller- sounded right up my street. The story of Eve Singer, an intrepid (sort of) crime reporter and a psychopathic killer who revels in the beauty of death…

Eve has a tough life; supporting a father deep in the grips of dementia whilst trying not to piss off her vile boss, Ross, and keep one step ahead of her equally vile opposition, Guy, to the latest gruesome scoop. When the killer gets in touch the story changes dramatically. What does he want? Is anyone going to make it out alive?

As always, I was totally in love with Bauer’s frankly hilarious writing. The story was pacy, easy to read, and had plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested- right up until the (actually) explosive end. My favourite thing? The relationships- particularly between Eve and her Dad. I felt that Bauer really grasped just how bloody awful dementia is both to the sufferer and their families. Considering how close to home this is, I felt it was handled magnificently. I also had a real soft spot for Mr Elias. A thriller with heart, who knew! Bring on the next book (soon, PLEASE!)

5/5 (what else!)



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