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#57 The reason I jump


I know you shouldn’t judge a book for it’s cover, but the reason I jump has a very eye-catching one. There’s a good chance I wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, which would have been a crying shame.

The book is an insightful account of autism, through the eyes of thirteen year old autistic Naoki Higashida. Communicating through a Japanese alphabet grid and transcriber, translated by KA Yohsida and David Mitchell, Naoki gives honest answers to 58 often brutal frequently asked questions about autism- such as ‘why do you speak in that peculiar way?’ or ‘why can you never stay still?’

I love his writing; his positivity and hope shines through amongst the sadness. I also enjoyed the poignant short stories he included throughout to emphasise his points more clearly. The last one is my favourite.

The reason I jump is a very important book that really made me think. The overriding message: we really need to have more compassion. In his words “I also hope that, by reading this book, you might become a better friend of someone with autism.” Tough, but well worth a read.




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