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#6 The bombs that brought us together


Winner of the  Costa Children’s book awards 2016, Brian Conaghan’s the bombs that brought us together definitely caught my eye. An really interesting dystopian YA book, the story is told through the eyes of fourteen-year-old Charlie Law…

Lifelong resident of Little Town- governed by the Regime, their rules and curfews, fronted by morally corrupt ‘Big Man’ and the ever present threat of neighbouring Old Town simmering in the background- life is tough for Charlie. When refugees from Old Town- Pav and his family- arrive, life gets even more complicated. And when the bombs inevitably follow, everything changes.

A pacy, easy read with moments of real poignancy, I really enjoyed this book. A tale of friendship, love and choices. Lots of choices. I don’t want to say too much more for fear of spoilers…  How far would you go for the price of freedom?




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