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#12 The goldfish boy


I’m really glad I discovered this wonderful little book (I’m a sucker for a great cover). The goldfish boy is the YA mystery debut novel by Lisa Thompson.

The story centres around Matthew, who, crippled by OCD, is bound to his bedroom, condemned to experience life through the safety of his window and germ-free latex gloves. But then through the window, Matthew becomes the last person to see his neighbour’s baby grandson before he goes missing. Matthew is unwillingly launched into the centre of a mystery, with the help of new friend Melody. But what really happened to Teddy?

I really, really enjoyed this story. It was sweet, but not sickly, and wonderfully uplifting. Not only was it a great mystery (I really cared about what happened to both Teddy and Matthew) but it had real heart too. Story aside, I felt it dealt with mental illness and the effect on both the sufferer and those they love perfectly. A tale about not giving up on people, no matter what. I loved it.




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2 thoughts on “#12 The goldfish boy

  1. Lovely review. Yes I think this book really portrayed themes of friendship, love and family. Very character driven and all the better for that too. Loved Old Nina!


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