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#24 Railhead


If I’m being honest, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to reading this book. Sci-fi/ fantasy fiction is not generally my cup of tea. That being said, being Carnegie nominated, I was willing to give Railhead a fair shot.

Set in a world thousands of years in the future, Earth has become over-saturated, and the ‘Guardians’ have paved the way into an unexplored Galaxy, through a complex network of sentient trains, routes and gates.  Returning home with a stolen necklace in his pocket, common thief and Railhead, Zen Starling is followed by a mysterious stranger with an interesting proposition…

By all logic I should have hated this book. I mean- sentient trains- really? I’m happy to say that I was wrong to doubt it. In fact it completely caught me off guard. Reeve painted such a vivid picture of his complex world that I couldn’t help but get caught up in it. I loved the idea of a network of train routes, where you go through a gate and are transported into a wonderful new world at the blink of an eye. A world where robots come in many forms- from ‘wire dolly’ servants and workers, to maintenance spiders. Where the mythical Guardians are revered and feared and the Noon family rule supreme.

What I loved most was that is was a proper adventure story, with unlikely heroes and classic villains, and quite a lot of people in between. Where right must prevail over wrong. If you can figure out which is which…

Amazing. 4.5/5



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