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#26 Sometimes I lie


Sometimes I lie is Alice Feeney’s debut psychological thriller (yep- I’m nothing if not consistent, I know…). That being said, I wasn’t instantly sold by its frankly quite cliched synopsis:

There are three things you should know about me:

  1. I’m in a coma.
  2. My husband doesn’t love me any more.
  3. Sometimes I lie


Set in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2016, the story follows Amber Reynolds. Wife, friend, sister. Radio presenter on Coffee Morning, Amber struggles to find her place alongside the infamous resident bitch, Madeleine Frost. One week later she is in a coma. Trapped inside her own mind, replaying dreams of the past week and hearing snippets of conversations in her hospital room, she must piece together what has happened. Before it’s too late.

Now, I need to be very careful with what I say next, as any spoilers would ruin the story. The novel is split into three distinct storylines: Now (the coma), Then (the week before the coma) and Before (the childhood diary). This format always works for me in terms of pace, as it allows the story to unfold slowly, whilst including shocks along the way where the stories inevitably collide. Feeney played this perfectly.

Much as I found the synopsis offputting, I found myself trying to pinpoint the lies as I was reading. I missed most of them! The characters were painted brilliantly; each with a distinct personality, which unfolded throughout the novel.  I loved the darkness, the confusion and the shocks throughout. A completely thrilling read.




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