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#35 One of us is lying


I do love a good whodunnit book. Karen M. McManus’ debut YA novel- One of us is lying– looked right up my street:

A Geek, A Jock, A Criminal, A Princess. A MURDER. Who would you believe?

Five high school students enter detention; only four make it out alive. Simon- creator of the infamous gossip App- has dirt on all of them. And now he’s dead. Before he had a chance to tell. All of them protests their innocence, but who is lying?

I’m going to keep this review intentionally brief to avoid any spoilers. I really enjoyed the story. It had a real Breakfast Club feel about it (and reading McManus’ responses to questions on Goodreads, this was her plan!) Each of the characters was a classic high school stereotype, dealing with a vast array standard teen-angst issues; ranging from struggles with identity, to drug abuse and school pressures. I liked the character development and I was rooting for some of them until the bitter end.

There were moments where the story felt a bit cliched, but it didn’t affect my reading of it. Basically, all of the angst of Sunnydale High in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with the added horror of the Internet and Social Media (but no vampires… OK, maybe not the best analogy…)

An easy read that had me guessing until the last page (and for the record, I didn’t guess). Worth a read.




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