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Terry Pratchett: Back in Black

My love for Terry Pratchett books came quite late in life. I read the carpet people as a child and just didn’t get it (I also didn’t get His dark materials… clearly fantasy just wasn’t my bag), but when I was tasked to read Going Postal for my book group I was just in awe. Incredible. It even made my top ten books ever. Yep, that good (read my review here). I went on to read Mort, which I also really enjoyed, which features Mort as Death’s apprentice.

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A leaf out of my book…

Last year was a bit shit, to be honest. We went through a mass restructure at work, which was pretty unsettling. I finally landed a new role in a new library and things (fingers crossed) are starting to sort themselves out. What pissed me off the most, weirdly, was my inability to concentrate. Normally, my go-to in any stressful situation is books. But I just couldn’t read. At all. In fact in the whole of December I only managed to read two books; Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (although as this was a book group book I had no choice really) and a really weird little graphic novel called The Gigantic Beard that was Evil. Pathetic. This also meant that I failed my Goodreads Reading Challenge, falling short by seven books 😦 Gutted.

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